It is our intention to return to our traditional USA residential programming for 2022.  We recognize the Pandemic is still creating travel and health challenges.  All our teens, hosts and CFP volunteers will be or are already vaccinated in order to participate in the program.   We intend to follow all CDC guidelines. In addition we will work with our travel agent who monitors the USA State Department website for current travel warnings as well as COVID requirements traveling to and from the USA such as testing prior to departure.  We are cautiously optimistic that we can run our program in our traditional format but we will be flexible and fluid during the spring of 2022 to assure we can travel safely along with keeping all involved comfortable and healthy during the program.    We will make decisions as needed and keep all parties informed.  We intend to make final decisions by mid April.  Safety is our primary concern as we continue to navigate the upcoming months. Our team will keep all teens, parents and host families informed via updates on our website.

The need for world peace is an issue on which almost everyone agrees, but we rarely get to feel like we are really contributing to peace-building efforts. Hosting a pair of CFP teens is an opportunity to participate in creating peace at the level of everyday life while simultaneously widening your international horizons.

This residential component of CFP’s program is essential to achieving lasting friendships. CFP teens return to their home country as living proof that they can get along in everyday life.

While here, the CFP teens are not tourists. They will participate in your normal summer schedule. Each U.S. Area Coordinator will arrange for some programmatic activities, roughly two or three per week, which as a host you are not required to attend. There will also be social activities in which you are welcome (but not required) to join. These social gatherings have been a fantastic way for people here in the U.S. to meet others who share their interests in peace-building.

To say the least, hosting is an eye-opening, enriching experience. And it truly couldn’t be easier. As a host, you need to fit the following criteria:

  1. a demonstrated commitment for making a difference in the world for peace;
  2. a safe, neutral home for the teens to build a friendship;
  3. a bedroom for the pair to share alone;
  4. daylong adult supervision; and
  5. a willingness to continue the relationship with their teens.

Host families cover the teens’ living costs during their U.S. stay. Tax-deductible donations to CFP cover the international travel and program activity costs. CFP is 501c3 non-profit, is an all-volunteer movement and pays no salaries, rent or capital costs. The family of each teenager contributes to the cost of their child’s international travel expenses.

If you can meet these criteria, you have the opportunity to directly and personally promote peace between wonderful, yet deeply divided, people in an area of the world steeped in conflict. We need hosts for 3-10 pairs in each CFP area. Please contact the area coordinator if you have an interest or questions.

MD/DC/VA area:     Linda Ziglar

New Hampshire:     Bo Dean

Oregon (Portland Metro area):   Melody Stone

Washington (SW Washington area): Vern Haas

San Francisco, CA:     Becky Stirn

Fargo, ND:     Mike and Carolyn Becraft