It is our intention to return to our traditional USA residential programming for 2022.  We recognize the Pandemic is still creating travel and health challenges.  All our teens, hosts and CFP volunteers will be or are already vaccinated in order to participate in the program.   We intend to follow all CDC guidelines. In addition, we will work with our travel agent who monitors the USA State Department website for current travel warnings as well as COVID requirements traveling to and from the USA such as testing prior to departure and any quarantine guidelines.  We are cautiously optimistic that we can run our program in our traditional format but we will be flexible and fluid during the spring of 2022 to assure we can travel safely along with keeping all involved comfortable and healthy during the program.    We will make decisions as needed and keep all parties informed.  Safety is our primary concern as we continue to navigate the upcoming months. Our team will keep all teens, parents and host families informed via updates on our website.

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The Middle East Friendship Program brings together teenagers from both Arab-speaking and Hebrew-speaking communities to promote peaceful interaction and understanding between the two groups. The programme is a peace-building and leadership training program, with a four week component in the United States in the summer. By developing cross-cultural friendships, the teens build mutual respect for each other, breaking down the historical stereotypes and mistrust that exist. Upon return to Israel and Palestine, the teens are in a position to share the message with family and friends of their own communities that Arab-speaking and Hebrew-speaking Israelis and Palestinians can live together peacefully. Indeed, many of the students who have participated in the program are doing just that – working together for peace.