We are grateful to our dedicated teams of all-volunteer Coordinators.

U.S. Area Coordinators

Within the United States, six areas are currently participating in the CFP home stay program — New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Oregon/SW Washington, San Francisco, CA, and Maui, HI.

The Coordinators organize the placement of the teen pairs with American host families and the weekly group activities. Coordinating is a year-round adventure.  If you are interested in finding out more about it, please contact Executive Director Tammy Haas at Haas@friendships4peace.org

MD/DC/VA area:     Tom McCarthy tomm@friendships4peace.org

New Hampshire:     Bo Dean bod@friendships4peace.org

Oregon/SW Washington:     Melody Stone melodys@friendships4peace.org 

San Francisco, CA:     Becky Stirn beckys@friendships4peace.org 

Maui, HI:Wendy Acosta wendya@friendships4peace.org 

Transportation Coordinators:

Kim Bell      kimb@friendships4peace.org 

Dianna Cook      diannac@friendships4peace.org

Cypriot Coordinators

The Cyprus Friendship Programme is an organization of volunteers cooperating from both sides of Cyprus’ United Nations-patrolled Buffer Zone. It provides Cypriot youth with peace-building and leadership training in Cyprus in coordination with the program in the United States.

Maria Asvesta
Simge Kahvecioglu
George Koumandaris
Cise Sakalli
Ioanna Skordi
Contact: CFPCyprus@friendships4peace.org

Israeli/Palestinian Coordinators

The Jerusalem Friendship Program is being developed now. We are actively seeking qualified, experienced volunteers to be CFP Coordinators in Israel/Palestine.

Contact:  CFPJerusalem@friendships4peace.org