We are grateful to our dedicated teams of all-volunteer Coordinators.

U.S. Area Coordinators

Within the United States, six areas are currently participating in the CFP home stay program — New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Oregon/SW Washington, San Francisco, CA, and Maui, HI.

The Coordinators organize the placement of the teen pairs with American host families and the weekly group activities. Coordinating is a year-round adventure.  If you are interested in finding out more about it, please contact Executive Director Tammy Haas at Haas@friendships4peace.org

MD/DC/VA area:     Tom McCarthy tomm@friendships4peace.org

New Hampshire:     Bo Dean bod@friendships4peace.org

Oregon/SW Washington:     Melody Stone melodys@friendships4peace.org 

San Francisco, CA:     Becky Stirn beckys@friendships4peace.org 

Maui, HI:Wendy Acosta wendya@friendships4peace.org 

Transportation Coordinators:

Kim Bell      kimb@friendships4peace.org 

Dianna Cook      diannac@friendships4peace.org

Cypriot Coordinators

The Cyprus Friendship Programme is an organization of volunteers cooperating from both sides of Cyprus’ United Nations-patrolled Buffer Zone. It provides Cypriot youth with peace-building and leadership training in Cyprus in coordination with the program in the United States.

Maria Asvesta
Maria Fillipou
Merve Guralp
Simge Kahvecioglu
Lambo Rayia
Cise Sakalli
Ioanna Skordi
Katia Solomides

Camp Coordinators
George Koumandaris
Hilmi Arica
Evdokia Loizou
Georgia Vasileiou

Contact: CFPCyprus@friendships4peace.org

Israeli/Palestinian Coordinators

The Jerusalem Friendship Program is being developed now. We are actively seeking qualified, experienced volunteers to be CFP Coordinators in Israel/Palestine.

Contact:  CFPJerusalem@friendships4peace.org