2021 Pilot Program for American Teens

CFP host families with teenagers have the added dimension of friendships among the CFP teen pairs and the American teens.  CFP will conduct a pilot program to enhance the role and ability of host family teens’ to contribute to the peacebuilding process. This innovative project, limited to 20 participants, will launch in the Spring of 2021 as a no-fee, nine-session online seminar. Participants will have unique resume building opportunities to:

  • Study peacebuilding with renowned professionals.
  • Add an international experience in their lives to carry forward into their studies and even career.
  • Meet Israeli/Palestinian and Cypriot alumni as well as teens from other parts of the U.S.
  • Earn a certificate for future academic applications

These are some of the timely international peacebuilding topics that will be covered:

  • Human biology:  Is conflict a natural human condition?
  • Active listening and nonviolent communication
  • Strategies, approaches, and practices that work to resolve conflict
  • First-hand perspectives on the Cyprus and the Israel/Palestine conflicts
  • How to create opportunities for acceptance, respect, compassion and inclusion 

CFP is very enthusiastic about creating and offering this opportunity via Zoom to high school students who want to make a significant difference in the world through peacebuilding on a one-to-one basis.  Here are the guidelines for applications:

  • Application dates:  December 15th to January 24
  • Acceptance notifications:  January 31.  
  • Students applying must write a short paragraph describing why they are applying and what they hope to achieve through their participation.  

Two types of certificates will be given to participants completing the seminar: Certificate of  Participation (6-7 sessions) and Certificate of Completion (8-9 sessions).  For more information, contact BeckyS@friendships4peace.org or BoD@friendships4peace.org.