CFP Clubs for High School Students

One of the unexpected successes of the US Teen Pilot Program was the participants’ interest in continuing to learn and hone the skills of managing difficult conversations and minimizing conflict.  They stated that high schools do not teach these skills as a rule and that these skills are needed.  One idea for meeting this need was to establish CFP clubs.

Betsy Small and I recently hosted a kick-off, inaugural meeting with five local NH high school students who attended the US Teen Pilot Program and a representative of their high school.  The students enjoyed sharing information and ideas with  CFP alumna Elpida Constantinou and a visiting German exchange student. Everyone was able to brainstorm about global peace perspectives and how the proposed club can begin and fit into the academic fabric of their high school. The local high school students are excited about the future of the club and plan on the meeting by early September to take steps into making the club a reality. 

In the meantime, CFP leadership is creating a structure and standard curriculum to ensure that CFP clubs will further CFP’s mission and goals.  Once the concept is fully developed, it will be shared with other high schools in CFP hosting areas.

Bo Dean
NH Area Coordinator