Thank You’s for the 2021 Teen Pilot Project Program

Volunteer Experts for 2021 Pilot Peacebuilding Seminar for US Teens
Last spring, CFP piloted a peacebuilding seminar to US teens. Expert volunteers provided 9 sessions on topics important to peacebuilding:

  • Free speech and responsible speech: Gordon Atkinson, JD/attorney
  • Understanding the biology of conflict, strategies for conflict resolution: Frederic Luskin, PhD/Stanford University lecturer and Shani Robins, PhD/Stanford University lecturers 
  • Active listening, effective communications, impact of different interpersonal styles: Rhonda Gessow, JD/mediator
  • Perspectives on the personal impact of major conflicts: Eleftherios Michael, PhD/University of Baltimore faculty/director 
  • Perspectives on the conflicts where CFP volunteers: CFP leadership joined by Cypriot, Israeli and Palestinian alumni. 

Student presentations in the final seminar session and their survey responses confirmed the positive impact the CFP faculty volunteers had on students’ interest in both peacebuilding and expanding their ability to approach conflict situations — at home and abroad — with greater insight and understanding. Given the success of this pilot seminar, CFP plans to offer a peacebuilding seminar for US teen host siblings and other interested US teens in June 2022. CFP thanks these volunteer experts for inspiring these teens with their expertise and knowledge.