CFP takes a long-range view of change, slowly working with one pair of teens, two families at a time, so they may develop the trust necessary to create lasting empathetic bonds. Because of our programs in Northern Ireland and Cyprus, we can document our program and how it generates change based on experience.

Creating Friendships for Peace is founded on collaboration and the knowledge that we can deepen our understanding of one another when we commit to sharing experiences across our differences and conflicts. We believe in the ingenuity and creativity of members of conflicted communities and their constituencies to solve problems equally, respectfully, and independently. As a result, CFP develops an in-country team of volunteers to operate the non-U.S. portions of the CFP program.

A critical aspect of the CFP program model requires both sides of a conflict to view our in-country and U.S.-based initiatives as transparent and impartial – irrespective of political, religious or ethnic identities or affiliations. We do not accept U.S. government funding to avoid the impression that we are government agents.

Pathway of Change