Noteworthy transitional personnel

  • Linda Ziglar, CFP Board Chair
  • Tamra Haas, CFP Executive Director
  • Rebecca Stirn, CFP San Francisco Area Coordinator

U.S. Program

  • 4-week homestay program with American families
  • Included teens aged 15 to 17.
  • One Greek-speaking Cypriot and one Turkish-speaking Cypriot teen share a room.
  • Two Middle East teens paired by differences in religion or ethnicity share a room.

Cyprus Friendship Program

  • Continues as described before.
  • In 2020, the CY Program became a 2-year program, with Year 1 being the Cypriot Camp and Year 2 being the U.S. Residency. A Year 2 Camp has been created to include those Year 2 teens not able to travel to the U.S.

Middle East Friendship Program

  • ME Coordinators promote the program and select the teens.
  • During a series of events and workshops, the ME Coordinators identify pairing of the teens.
  • The teens and their families agree to participate in pre- and post-cross-cultural activities.
  • ME Coordinators provide an annual graduation for all the teens and their families where the teens actively participate in the entertainment.
  • From 2018 -2019, a 2-year pilot program was conducted through a partnership with Jerusalem Peacebuilders to begin the program in Israel/Palestine.

Impact Statistics

  • Cyprus Friendship Program
  • As of January, 2024, just over 1,300 have participated.
  • Middle East Friendship Program
  • As of January, 2024, 68 teens have participated.