Year 1 – CFP Cypriot Camp

CFP Coordinators organize bi-communal camps in Cyprus for Cypriot teens each summer. Through workshops, discussions and games, the teens learn the importance of citizen peace-building. In the words of one of the campers “We went to the camp as two groups and we returned as one.”  Capacity for each camp is 50 to 55 teens.

Camp staff consists of CFP alums, CFP parents and friends and CFP Coordinators – all unpaid volunteers.

The camp program includes sports, environmental activities and an oral history by Cypriots who were former students at the school that is now the camp site.  A highlight of the week is the ‘walk of history’ where both communities’ perspective of Cypriot history since the 1950’s are compared and discussed.

Year 2 – CFP Residency Program

The U.S. Residency Program consists of living with American families for 4 weeks in July. The hosting areas vary from year to year. In 2023 they included Maryland, New Hampshire, Houston Texas, Oregon/SW Washington and San Francisco, CA. While in the hosting areas, they enjoy social activities and group programs that teach team building, conflict resolution, community service and environmental awareness. Hosting areas will also include teens from CFP’s Middle East Friendship Program and will provide opportunities to learn from each other.