As planned, the US and Cypriot Coordinators met on May 1 to reassess the possibility of having a traditional US CFP program this summer.  While the Covid-19 virus has been successfully contained in Cyprus, the situation in the United States continues to be worrisome.  Additionally, even when airports open, there is news that international travel will continue to be limited until the pandemic is declared ended by the World Health Organization.

At this meeting, an alternate US program (which we will call the Virtual US Program) was shared with the Cypriot Coordinators.  They saw the benefits of the new approach and felt that, because the program took place in Cyprus, this virtual program could be more meaningful than the  traditional one with US residency.
  After much discussion, we decided to proceed with the Virtual US Program this summer and allow all 37 Year 2 applicants to participate.  These 37 teens and their families will be contacted the week of May 10th with more detailed information on the Virtual Program and will be given the opportunity to have their questions answered.  We understand that families did not apply for this program and appreciate the fact that many will be disappointed.  We are disappointed, too, and are trying to constructively deal with a difficult situation. 

Our Virtual Program allows CFP to focus more directly on what we wish to accomplish and will be more challenging than past programs.  But it will also include bi-communal activities and projects intended to benefit the entire island of Cyprus.  Should the pandemic situation improve so that CFP can conduct a traditional hosting program in the US in 2021, the teens participating in the Virtual US Program will be allowed to apply again for a US residency experience.
We hope everyone is understanding of the difficulties that still lie ahead. The Coordinator Teams will meet again on June 1 to assess once more and, hopefully, to finalize details.

Wishing you good health and safety,