This summer CFP will begin the expansion of the program in Cyprus to a two year program, with teens expected to attend the camp in Cyprus in order to qualify for the residency program in the U.S.  CFP will accept 50 Cypriot teens for the Cypriot Camp and 40 teens for the U.S. program.  The U.S. program will now consist of three segments:

  • all Cypriot teens will attend a U.S. camp for the first week
  • American hosting for two and a half to three weeks in U.S. hosting areas
  • all Cypriot teens will attend a wrap-up two or three day session to reinforce lessons learned and plan for future bi-communal projects in Cyprus

The purpose of our camp is to engage teens in a higher level leadership and peacebuilding program, thereby giving them skills to be collaborative bi-communal leaders so that upon returning to their communities they can work together for the goal of making a difference in Cyprus.

CFP has selected the West River Retreat Center for its camp site.  West River is a 45-acre retreat and camp facility with one mile of waterfront property located near Annapolis, Maryland. The main Retreat Center accommodates 50 people. A location near Washington, DC was chosen because of the many “experts” located in the area who could lead workshops.  The camp workshops will be foundational for the teens’ development of leadership, communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, and civic engagement skills. The camp also provides outdoor facilities for:

Ropes course
Climbing wall
Basketball court
Beach volleyball court
Nature trails