Cyprus Friendship Program in its 10th Year — Looking Ahead

In Cyprus, we have designed a new two-year program which will be phased in during 2019. The first year will focus on teens attending the CFP camp in Cyprus, already in its 7th year, run by the Cypriot Coordinators. Those who attend the 2019 Cypriot camp will be eligible to participate in the U. S. program in 2020. The month-long U. S. program is changing to allow all Cypriot teens to attend a week-long camp in the Washington, DC area where they will receive best-in-class training in conflict resolution and presentation skills and be exposed to the many opportunities offered in DC. Following camp, the teen pairs will stay with American hosts for approximately 2 ½ weeks where their friendships will strengthen and they will begin the process of working together through projects of community service and environmental awareness — both areas conducive to bi-communal projects in Cyprus. Before returning to Cyprus, the teens will reconnect in Washington, DC to review the key skills they have acquired during the month, reconnect with all Cypriot teens and start planning their peacebuilding efforts in Cyprus.