by Dilem Omeraga (2018 CFP)

From the hustle of the trees, 

To the calming sea breeze,

With the salty scent of the ocean,

Once everything was pure,

Everyone was in harmony,

People didn’t use to look for a cure,
They were not deceived by the devil’s lure,

Which soon has set a fire in the isle’s core

And divided the joint community “evermore”,

Now we all have to endure

To be able to find the cure 

The noxious whispers of the devil scattered every where ,

He cried out how different we are and how we hate each other,

Putting us in the depths of despair,

Making us stare into misleading mirrors,

Suddenly the image blurred 

The mirrors shredded,

Unveiling a person who revived all the feelings prior to the fire,

We are not under his spell anymore,

Cause we saw we are the same to the core,

We know how to put out this fire,

In the middle of our isle,

There is just a need for love and desire,

To show the world, peace is our cure, peace is all we require!