On behalf of all us at CFP, we wish to provide the following important message in response to the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine and the surrounding region: 

Creating Friendships for Peace (CFP) joins with those who call for an end to the violence as we watch with breaking hearts the tragic events unfolding in Israel and Palestine. Our American host families are reaching out to their teens in the region for news of their safety.  

The cross-community teen friendships at the center of CFP’s mission foster relationships and dialogue. Amid escalating violence, these bonds become more important than ever. 

CFP leaders are also communicating with our colleagues in the region. We are confirming their safety and to assure them of CFP’s commitment to continue the difficult work of conflict resolution at the grassroots level.  Despite all the violence, the moral imperative of peacebuilding through friendships remains crucial and urgent. 

CFP will continue providing essential support for communication and compassion in all regions we serve impacted by the heartbreaking devastation and loss of life and property.

We ask that you keep those affected in your hearts as we yearn for a ceasefire soon.