Our Inaugural Class of 2018 Teens from Israel/Palestine

The summer of 2018 began our meaningful journey and partnership with Jerusalem Peacebuilders.  Through JPB, CFP host families in Maryland and New Hampshire had the opportunity to host 18 teens from Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  A graduation ceremony is now being planned in Tel Aviv where the teens and their families can celebrate together. As details are finalized, both JPB and CFP will be sharing the information, so please stay tuned!

In 2019 we look forward to hosting at least 30 teens from Israel/Palestine. CFP and JPB complement each other and we are developing a team of CFP coordinators in that region to help maintain the teen friendships created in the U. S. and to extend these friendships to families and friends.  Specifically, we are looking for a minimum of three Coordinators — one each in Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Jerusalem.  As in the U.S. and Cyprus, all Coordinators will be unpaid volunteers with a commitment to peacebuilding.

Our partnership with JPB is off to a very good start.  Here are some of the teen comments:

  It’s also great that we all come from different cultural backgrounds which will and has led us to, in a way, experience the other side and perspective of things. And I believe that that is the best tool for peace building and the first step which is to gain an understanding and form a connection with the one who differs from you. And this program has led me to achieve exactly that.

This home stay is creating one-on-one environment to an extent which doesn’t exist in any other program I’ve participated in so far.

The unexpected part was that the life of the Americans is nothing like the news.