Special Message on Israel/Hamas War

CFP writes this as the world is deeply distressed by the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. CFP is challenged by this moment, but we also exist for this moment.

At the recommendation of our In-Country Coordinators, and with the support of our other on-the-ground partners, CFP plans to open its applications beginning January 1st for the 2024 youth cohort from the Middle East and Cyprus. As always, our priority will be to ensure the emotional, intellectual, and physical safety and well-being of all CFP youth, especially in response to current challenges. We re-commit to offering friendship and peacebuilding experiences for young people living in zones where violence and fear dominate their day-to-day experience.

The fundamental question our constituents have raised and we are addressing is:

How do we support our teens’ vital inclinations to build peace when so many people, both within and outside the conflict zone, are emotionally wounded and scared?

Our mission and vision grew out of a spirit of hope in the young people of Northern Ireland, and we served 2,000 youths and their families during the conflict in that region. We will tap this experience to respond as an organization to the crisis in the Middle East. We will work with young people to implement the best ideas available to heal wounds and work toward a non-violent vision of conflict where resolutions respecting common humanity are possible. We will draw on the collective experience and lessons learned from other regional organizations.

CFP needs your emotional and financial support to continue our important work during this challenging time. Our programs will help youth impacted by the conflict deal with the present situation and work toward a just future for all people living in the region.