CFP in Northern Ireland

Meibh Mckinney will be working with CFP staff in the US to help CFP reconnect with the 2,000 CFPNI alumni in Northern Ireland and conduct research evaluations.  Meibh is currently employed by Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) as a Support Worker with the Health and Wellbeing Programme in West Belfast, working with people that have been affected directly by the Troubles and with young people that have been inter-generationally impacted as well. She also is interning with Amal-Tikva helping them develop a program with Rethinking Conflict, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She recently finished her M.Sc. in Peace and Conflict Studies from Ulster University and has served as an intern with Cooperation Ireland focusing on cross-border peacebuilding. 

Meibh lives in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland with her family.  She is a member of the selection committee for the Creating Friendships for Peace Scholarship in Memory of Henry John McKinney, B.Sc., M.Sc. to Haifa University.