Preserving the CFPNI Legacy

Over 2,000 teens from every county in Northern Ireland
hosted in 35 states in the USA and Canada
by 954 American families
over 21 years!!
CFP is actively collecting CFPNI materials to preserve them for the creation of a history of its volunteer grassroots organization begun in Northern Ireland and continuing today in other countries.  We have received many of the organizational documents thanks to former Board Secretary Roxanne Landis and former Board Treasurer Glenn Martinsen. We have received most of the participant lists of U.S. host families and NI teens from former U.S. Executive Directors and U.S. Area Coordinators.

We hope to find a permanent home for these important materials at a university by gathering and archiving them as documents that can be made available for future reference and contribute to ongoing peace building research.

If anyone has additional materials to share, especially pictures or videos, please contact us at We are grateful to the CFPNI alumni who are posting pictures on the CFPNI & CFP Facebook page.