Tribute to Creators of Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement

As we near the 25th anniversary of Peace in N. Ireland, two stalwarts of the Good Friday Agreement and  Nobel Peace Prize winners have sadly passed away. John Hume died in August 2020, and now two years later, David Trimble.   

Their passing reminds us of their work’s importance in securing peace in N. Ireland. Both men, at high risk to themselves and their families, took on seemingly impossible challenges with considerable strength of character, intellectual acumen, and complete integrity.

Despite the achievement of the Good Friday Agreement, their respective parties suffered an electoral decline; however, as evidenced at the funeral of David Trimble, these men never lost the respect of the people of N. Ireland and beyond. Politicians from all over the world reinforced their importance and spoke with a single voice stating:

  “That without them, the Agreement would not have been reached.”  

CFP played a significant role in bringing young people and their families together during the troubled years by offering them here in N. Ireland, and especially in the USA, opportunities to find themselves, understand differences, respect others and their opinions and, most important of all, provide a focus for reconciliation and peace.   These Nobel Peace Laureates supported the work of CFP and signed the Teen Mission Statement, as shown below.

The reward for us in N. Ireland has been a radically changed landscape which has saved lives and allowed a generation to grow up in relative peace.   I trust their reward will be great, and may their God look kindly upon them. 

John McKinney, CFP Board Member