Shared Learning Project in Israel

We are pleased to announce that CFP is in discussions with the Center for Educational Technology (CET),  an Israeli non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of the education system in Israel and around the globe. In its forty years of activity, CET has invested significant resources in carrying out its social mission, and has established its expertise and reputation as a content developer, introducer of advanced technologies and the leader of next generation learning.

CET aims to promote achievement and academic excellence and to create equal opportunities for all Israeli children.  Their EU funded Shared Learning program is an education approach that promotes partnerships between Jewish and Arab schools in a common geographic area, with the goal of instigating change for a future shared society.  Students from partnered schools attend bi-communal classes taught in English.  CFP is seen as a natural partner for strengthening relationships begun in the classroom between and among the Jewish, Palestinian, Bedouin and Druze high school students in the Israeli school system.